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Defying Gravity

Broadway Backing Tracks

Full Orchestra Arrangements - Shortened Concert Versions - Piano Accompaniments - All in higher, lower and original keys.

Broadway Backing Tracks

BBTs are fully professional backing tracks for use onstage, in concert and in the rehearsal room. Each album contains full broadway pit-band arrangements and rehearsal tracks with just a piano accompaniment. There's the choice of 3 keys, original, higher and lower, which are 3 semitones up and down respectively. You also get cut-down concert versions that are great for one-off performances. All tracks come with and without the lead lines, so you can practice with the melody in the background but then perform in concert without it.

This series is designed to take backing tracks to the next level of realism. There is nothing quite like playing with a live show orchestra, but when that's just not possible, Broadway Backing Tracks are the next best thing.
If you can't find the tracks you are looking for, then please contact us here and we can make a bespoke track exactly to your requirements.

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